Free Chess Classes

Usually we provide Chess classes at the Lancaster County Community Center please see See Details:. We are currently providing online Chess lessons. For info, pleaseĀ CONTACT us.

Free Chess Club

Chess Club Waxhaw and Indian Land Chess Clube are both COMING SOON!

After School Chess

We have taught Chess in Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools for 20 years and are teaching in schools in Lancaster, SC and throughout the Carolinas.

Professional Chess Instructors

We have experienced Chess instructors that have played in national tournaments for years and helped many, many students to successfully complete in local, state, regional and national chess tournaments.

Free Chess Tournaments

Carolinas Chess Foundation will conduct chess tournaments at all of the chess clubs. Currently, we conduct Chess tournaments at the Lancaster Location. Signup for our newsletter and we will notify you of upcoming Chess tournaments in all areas.

Private Chess Lessons

Private and Group Chess lessons are available in person and online. Please contact us at for more details.

What is Different About CCF?

For the past 20 years we have taught Chess to over 10,000 children and adults. Most were financially positioned to pay for chess lessons, buy chess boards, attend chess tournaments, etc. Though the CCF whole-heartedly welcomes everyone who is interested in Chess, certain efforts are currently being made to teach Chess to socially and financially disadvantaged and challenged children and adults who may be unable to pay.

For years we shared our Chess expertise for financial profit, but now are attempting to create Chess clubs in schools, in communities in places where children are unable to pay.

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Helping Them Build Their Unique Minds

Chess is a wonderful, historical and interesting game that requires lots of thought and mental skill to play effectively. By developing the mind that can enjoyably strategize, plan, defend, prioritize and calculate strengths and weaknesses simultaneously, one is preparing to live a balanced life.

Chess develops cognitive thinking skills, thought processes and has helped billions to lead successful lives. Chess helps kids and adults to develop the ability to focus and plan better. The game helps you to envision potential board problems in advance, and allows you to prepare for challenging situations before they arrive. Playing Chess helps to develop pattern recognition skills. When you experience a position that has worked in the past, your brain is influenced to exercise intelligent step-by-step behavior to precisely produce positive outcomes. Chess players love to play and for many, it is a gift. Please consider allowing us to teach you or your children or grandchildren the wonderful game of Chess. Let's Get Better at Chess

Winning A Chess Trophy