Who Are We?

Carolina Chess Federation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was founded to be a way to expose the game of chess to all people. One organizational goal is to broaden the horizons of young minds through chess and offer free chess clubs to disadvantaged and under-performing students at underprivileged schools who otherwise could not afford it. Additionally, we  attempt to improve academic excellence by encouraging and training our students to become problem solvers, critical thinkers, and admirable leaders. 

Another goal is to teach children of all ages and grades K-12 abstract concepts of planning, analysis and strategy through the game of chess. Our program has been constructed with the intention that ids will be excited to understand and amazed by the positive experience that chess offers. We believe that this phenomenal game builds self-confidence, develops self-learning tools and  strengthens critical thinking skills, planning, logic and analysis.

Kids in the Chess Clubs participate in mental gymnastics, learn chess from trained instructors, and experience competition with others in a safe environment. Kids who learn chess will sharpen their analytical and observation skills which will be very useful in many aspects of their life.

We been teaching chess for well over 18 years, with the accolades to confirm our passion and dedication to the Charlotte, Indian Land and Lancaster County Chess Community. We have coached hundreds of students into championship level games and watched several  students transition from basic player to chess master, with several students becoming valedictorians, doctors, and collegiate geniuses. Our Chess program is rigorous but rewarding.

Please check this web site periodically in the future for more information on our non-profit activities and upcoming events or contact us at carolinaschessfoundation@gmail.com.

Bernard C. Baker

Carolinas Chess Foundation