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Youth Chess

By Youth ChessNo Comments

The Carolinas Chess Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to utilizing the game of Chess to improve the thinking skills of people. The efforts of the corporation seek to impact and assist in developing cognitive skills primarily for youth and their families.

Since Chess offers mental stimulation, we have seen many of our past students not only win Chess tournaments, but earn college scholarships, obtain college, master-level and even doctorate degrees. We have seen our students grow from little children to become effective and responsible adults.

Therefore, we are looking to extend our Chess outreach into schools, community centers, chess clubs as well as offering private Chess lessons.

Additionally, we offer free Chess lessons, free Chess clubs, and free Chess tournaments to disadvantaged children.

If you are interested in Chess Lessons, A Chess club or private instruction, please complete the form below.

Thank you,

Bernard Baker
President, Carolinas Chess Foundation Inc.

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